Sunday, 12 August 2012

Mark Gilroy - the pervert of Slaithwaite Royal Mail

Mark Gilroy works at the Royal Mail Depot in Slaithwaite, Colne Valley in the West Riding of Yorkshire.  And he molests little boys.

When I was about eight or ten years old, Gilroy assaulted and tried to abuse me, in a shop he owned in Skelmanthorpe - the shop was called "bric-a-brac" or "mythered rubbish" or something. I had bought a digital watch from there, at the ridiculous price of eleven pounds sterling.  When the watch didn't work, which I found out later, I went back to the shop to request a refund - this was about 3 or 4 pm.  Gilroy first asked his assistant to leave, and then requested that I stand behind one of the shelves.  I assumed he was going to the till to get my money, but instead he locked the door.  I heard him shuffling around;  then he emerged, wearing the most ridiculous getup - he had a Mason's silk apron on, blue, - with no trousers!  He also wore a blazer with RA symbols, that was several sizes too small. 

This is Gilroy at Slaithwaite Royal Mail depot - you can't see his face but you can hear him.

He then came up behind me, and tried to tie my hands - but I was too quick, having had a good upbringing, and used my finger to slip the knot.  By the time he had undone my belt, I had my hands free and used them to keep my trousers up.  Gilroy was fumbling about behind me, presumably fondling himself, or getting a gag ready, and only had one hand free, which he used to grip my arm - so he couldn't manage to remove my trousers, and we remained locked for a short time.

Gilroy let go of my arm, and put his hand to my face - he tried to force me to swallow a handful of Datura seeds, which causes permanent insanity when taken orally - I spat them out.  I also bit him very hard, drawing blood - you will see Gilroy has a scar on his left hand.

Anyway, someone outside the shop smelled a rat, and basically kicked the door in.  People came in, and I scarpered - I've no idea what happened next.

My thanks go out to those people, whoever they were.

That was the last I saw of him, until the events described in this blog - where he entered my home with Neil Gilpin, Keir Forman, Trevor Bates, and a few others, to "initiate" Gilpin into his paedophile ring.

They came into my house, and used my terminal to upload indecent material of the most disgusting and perverse kind.  Read the rest of this blog for details.


"An imposter! An imposter! Off with his hand!"

Gilroy is NOT a Mason - he did not have a gavel or a trowel, and his getup was obviously stolen from a real masonic lodge - which I presume they would like returned.  Does this matter?  YES!!!   

See this explanation of why fake masonry is bad.

In ancient times, the penalty for impersonating a Mason was to have the hand cut off. 



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